Inside Our Studio

(what actually goes on behind-the-scenes)


We're Jo + Brooklyn - the gals behind everything Cedar & Vine.


And I don't think there's any hiding that we, as people, are the epitome of chaos. 

But if there's one thing we've learned through the creation of Cedar & Vine, it's that there's a little bit of magic that comes when we embrace that insanity + channel it towards that which we love.

From the beginning, it was our goal to be transparent. Ultimately, no matter where we went with our brand, that was a value that would never change.

So in order to keep that transparency once + for all, we want to introduce you to our entire process behind the creation of our products.

Jo Stewart
Brooklyn Affleck

[ Design ]

Our designer, Jo, designs + drafts each of our pieces from her home in Toronto, ON.

[ Production ]

Being in Toronto allows Jo to work with a small production team where our garments are constructed locally + ethically in small batches.

[ Distribution ]

Each of our pieces are handled + shipped personally from ON (Jo) or SK (Brooklyn).

We're constantly learning + adapting the way we work in order to be more sustainable.  If there's one promise we can make to you, it's that you will be included + kept in the loop as we transition our brand. The progression between sewing every single piece out of our own house to getting pieces locally manufactured is the first step in that journey. 


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