This Is Sori Brand

There's an intrinsic beauty in the timeless woman.

Cedar + Vine - Sori

You know the type of woman I mean. The one you'll see, maybe only for a moment as you pass each other on the street - yet they seem so effortlessly put together.

And it's not even that they have any extravagant style, but there's a grace to their presence.

So when we met Cara + Rachel, the mother-daughter team behind SORI - we fell in love.

SORI is a knitwear brand that crafts simple, yet elegant clothing for women. Through minimalist design that captures elegance and finesse, they use the whole-garment technique to create seam free constucted apparel.

Typically, a knitted garment consists of separate parts— the front and back body panels and the sleeves—which are sewn together afterward. In contrast, SORI's knitwear is produced in one entire piece, three-dimensionally, directly on the knitting machine. Because there are no seams to hinder motion, whole-garment knitwear offers a new level of comfort and functionality, without losing that sense of style. In addition to that, the whole-garment technique consumes only the material required to produce a single garment, making it entirely sustainable.

Cedar + Vine - Sori

Cara + Rachel started SORI in 2016 after a bickering conversation about raiding each other's closets sparked an idea for a clothing brand. Mom wanted to look younger, while daughter wanted a more sophisticated look. SORI offered the solution to both - a line of knitwear which would bring both the vibe of youthfulness and sophistication together, as well as mom and daughter.

They've discovered a way to balance their different styles into one harmonious look, capturing that effortless style we've always dreamed of, perfectly.

As the first to carry SORI brand in Canada, we couldn't be more genuinely excited to be working with such like-minded people.

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Xx, Jo + Brooklyn

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